Benefits of Bananas Fruits - Pregnancy Health

Benefits of Bananas Fruits - Pregnancy Health

Benefits of Bananas Fruits - Pregnancy Health

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Bananas also are suggested to the consumption of pregnant women because it contains folic acid, which easily absorb the fetus. Through the uterus. But, do not be too much, because, 1 banana contains about 85-100 calories

Two eating bananas in anemic patients every day is enough, because it contains fe (iron) high.

Benefits for the stomach and intestinal diseases:

Bananas are in mixed liquid milk (or enter into a glass of liquid milk) can serve as a remedy in cases of intestinal disease. also can be recommended for patients with stomach diseases and Cholik to neutralize stomach acidity. In fact, banana cream (such as for baby food), can in consumption for patients who suffer from diarrhea.

Patients with liver disease is to consume 2 banana plus 1 tablespoon honey, will add a strong appetite.

Dun bananas can be used for the treatment of burned skin in topical manner bananas plus ash mixture of coconut oil has a cooling influence of the skin.

In the Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, type goroho banana (banana typical local area), is the main dish or for people who suffer from sugar / diabetes mellitus, especially goroho bananas immature, then steamed and shredded coconut in the mix of young

Banana porridge mixed with a little milk or honey, apply to the face on a daily basis regularly dive 30-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water then rinse with cold water / ice. In repeated for 15 days, will produce an amazing effect on the skin.

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