Vitamins And Food

Vitamins And Food

No matter where one may take a look, either throughout the internet, or a health magazine, either in a doctor’s office or at the TV, there’s an enormous debate on vitamins versus food. Is food enough for a healthy life or is vitamin supplements needed in the diet. Why should I take vitamins if I’m on a diet, vitamins help increase weight don’t they?

It seems that food and vitamins have become a real industry and more and more people in the business of selling vitamins and supplements build up their companies on the thoughts and worries of the general public.

Now, let’s take each at a time and confront these myths with clear reality. The first thing to say is that plenty of food doesn’t always mean healthy nutrition.

Much of the fruits and vegetables grown nowadays are forced to grow bigger and quicker with the help of pesticides, therefore the main nutritive factors are irremediably lost. Eating this foodstuff does not necessarily give us the nutrition we need within our diet.

Unfortunately food that is good for us is usually grown organically and tends to be very expensive and outside the reach of those people who live on limited incomes.

Also the animals which end up on our tables are also usually artificially fed. Meat and fish are no longer what they were even a few years ago due to the way they are farmed. Much of our food contains coloring and antibiotics which often plays havoc with our bodily systems.

Taking into consideration all these causes, the single and most comfortable solution seem to be taking vitamin supplements.

Think of your body as of a house. A lack of vitamins and minerals in the body is like a house without windows, doors or roof. The action of cold and hot weather, of winds and rain would have a similar action on this house as life has on our bodies when deprived of the nutrients and minerals we need.

Now we’ve shown that there’s a point in taking vitamin supplements, we should understand also their effects. How about developing a strong bone system and a protected heart and normal blood pressure.

Would you like beautiful skin, hair and nails and last but not least improved physical and mental energy?

I almost forgot, vitamins do not imply a higher weight. This myth is wrong. Our body accepts only the specific amount of vitamins it needs to work properly; most of the rest are eliminated either through sweat, or urine. For vitamins and supplements to have any impact on your weight, it would mean overdosing on them which would of course ultimately cause you harm. It’s true that your appetite may rise with the help of vitamins, but the cause of obesity and weight problems is too much food or a disease, not a daily multivitamin.

Try to be moderate and accept the needs of your body; give it the meals and supplements it requires. Try to do physical exercise, too. The result will be seen in no time, a healthy mind in a healthy body.