Principles of karma

Principles of karma

The world ''karma'' comes from Sanskrit, and it means action.

The whole Universe is a continuous existence and action, and it is connected with each other irreversibly.

Each event is consequence of a previous reason, which is a reason of the forthcoming events.

In this aspect a continuous chain is seen, there is no incident, there is no accidental thoughts, or emotions, actions, but everything that derives from past, influences our future.

Each created thought of men appear in their internal world, when it is good, it straightens their personal character and builds their own strong block of fate.

Negative thoughts are the same strong, but those are destroying forces, which men must face up to in the forthcoming events, and bear its consequences.
Men can work on improvement of the karma in each life by changing thoughts, changing internal life, acting more consciously, by attention, and by patience. Each acts and thoughts are indelible, and immortal. Each act and thought is waiting for an opposite act and thought to create harmony in life.

The law of karma claims to accept total responsibility for acts, thoughts and fate of men. Unfortunately men today can not or do not want to understand this. We do harm ourselves with every wrong thoughts, and actions, and we do not harm those whom we meant to. If men are honest with themselves -and this is the hardest- then they can realize the sense of things and the reasons of happenings.

Fate is incorruptible, and fair equally to everybody. Fate cares always about men to learn their important matters. (Usually what men want to accept least.) It provides new and more and more opportunity to understand and correct committed faults. (Either in present or in some previous life) Most of people emphasize that things lost their meanings. (And they suffer of this) This happens because they want to wriggle out of responsibility. Who seeks the sense of matters he/she meets sin first, if accepts sin as an existing affair, then show up the real meaning of matters. (By the polarity theory) We create our fate day by day. Each new life is new chance for us to advance or to relapse.