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More On Exposed Acne Treatments Health and Fitness Blog -

December 28, 2008More On Exposed Acne Treatments

Mankind has for many thousands of years used some kind of skin care regime but it is only in recent times he has had the luxury to choose between natural skin care using herbal products or those devised synthetically by man. The use of synthetic products was something that was bound to occur when chemists started experimenting and mass production became available. Not only have many of the recipes been lost but herbal products are not as popular as they once were as science has gradually changed peoples attitudes towards skin care.

Perhaps it is our fast paced lives and the ease with which we can purchase just about any synthetically produced item that has helped with the decrease in using natural preparations. Of course commercial skin care manufacturers now mass produce herbal skin care products but because they would not last long in storage, they are obliged to add a preservative which unfortunately means they are not as good as those you make in your own home.

It seems that increasing numbers of people are becoming more discerning and using herbal skin care products again from companies that are specializing in making small batches of these products. There isnt likely to be a revolution against the cheaper mass produced herbal skin care products in the future but just what are these products exactly.

Although one of the more common herbal products, aloe vera has other properties other than just helping sunburn; extracted fro the aloe plant it also hydrates skin and can be sued on cuts as well. Herbs like dandelion, chamomile, lime flowers and rosemary are often used with other herbs like tea and are used as herbal cleansers.

Some herbs possess properties to help stop infection like lavender, marigold, thyme and fennel which are know to have antiseptic abilities but lavender and rose can be added to water to give an excellent skin toner. Even tea can be used to help treat skin that has been damaged by to much UV radiation when formulated into a herbal skin care product.

Other herbal skin care products make use of oils, the level of concentration can vary depending on use; common versions of these are borage oil, primrose oil and tea tree oil for example. Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are often treated with other oils extracted from plants and the likes of banana, melon and apple are very good at hydrating the skin which is why these are the most often used in shower gels for instance.

Most herbal skin care products dont have any side effects; which is the most important reason for preferring them over synthetic products, moreover, herbal skin care products can be easily made at home, hence making them even more attractive. Despite the apparent love for all things herbal, whether mass produced or not, there are occasions when a synthetic skin care preparation may be better than a herbal one.

It pays to look after your skin whether by herbal or synthetic means as it has a major role in protecting us from the elements and sometimes needs a little help.

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