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For thousands of years, herbs have been used in medicinal preparations, cosmetic preparations, perfumes, essential oils, craft, natural pesticides, dyes, delicious aromatic teas and as important recipe ingredients.

The resurgence of interest in growing and using herbs has many causes including

* The joy and delight of growing herbs, whether you have room for herb garden, or a pot on a sunny window sill.

* The joy of cooking wholesome, tasty meals and the fun of creating dishes from other cultures has encouraged the use of familiar and unfamiliar herbs - and spices.

* Genuine concerns about the environment and the harmful side effects of chemical products has created great interest for natural - cleaning agents, dyes, soaps fragrances, herbal cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste and herbal medicinal products.

Herbs are easy to grow. They don’t require difficult or specialized treatment. However, they do best if they are given the conditions that suit them.

This site, will regularly inform you how to grow and care for herbs to use in cookery, craft and cosmetic uses.

It will also regularly provide information about companion planting, which herb is used for what, and their numerous other applications.

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