Juice Recipes

Juice Recipes

Losing weight is of prime obsession among obese people and those who want to regain their previous adorable bodies which are typically deviated due to uncontrolled eating or pregnancy. Atkins, low carb and vegan diets are just one of the few lists in the weight loss menu that provide convenient diet regimens particularly for obese people who are busy as a beaver.

Nowadays, individuals would resort to several short course diet programs that offer quick and satisfying results in just a few days. Apparently, juice fasting is believed as one of the easiest, most compelling method of shedding off unpleasant fats in the body and is designed for short term use only.

Juice preparations are widely used in western countries along with their hectic schedules. It''s easy to prepare and hassle-free. You can make juice drinks beforehand and store it in the fridge for future use. This diet strictly requires pure juice diet for a period of one week to a month. After such time, you will be advised to gradually include meat, carbohydrates and other foodstuffs in your daily meal.

A juice recipe may contain different sorts of either blended vegetables or fruits, or a combination of both. Since these organic stuffs contain essential nutrients and minerals needed by the body for optimum functioning, it is presumably said to be a healthy drink for all. Actually, there''s no specific recipe for this type of diet. The choice of including mangoes, banana, ginger, peas and the like, greatly depends on what course you would crave for the day.

However, it is a must to always ask for a medical opinion from your respective physicians before indulging in any type of diet, giving a special caution on patients with medical problems. Since fruits are high in sugar, fruit juices may be limited or contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus or pregnancy-induced diabetes.